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No matter the occasion, we have a custom gift box for it.

We're in the

business to

the supply chain.

Ask us how.

Make an Impact with Your Corporate Gifting.

From small-scale presents to ring in a milestone or shower to professional-volume gifting or tackling your.


Let your brand's unique style and flair shine through! With every order we can match the products and the packaging to fit you. Whether it be a logo or your brand colors we can do it all. Immerse your clients in your world.


Our brand is built on a sustainable cyclical method of consumption. Sourcing from local producers means that we eliminate highly unsustainable logistical processes and ensure the sustainability of our local economy.


Packaging and presentation is at the core of any gifting experience. We use locally sourced bamboo based packaging that serves as a gift in itself. leave your client with a memory of your wonderful service. Packaging can be customized based on your needs, and irrespective of your choices we will make sure the packaging is locally and ethically sourced.

Sustainable consumptions starts with you!